JOGLE Day 4 – New Lanark to Penrith

Daily Stats – Day 4

Miles Ridden: 95.1 miles
Metres Climbed: 3360 feet
Time Riding: 5:51:55
Average Speed: 16.2 mph

Total Miles Ridden: 399.1 miles
Total Ascent: 17,760 feet
Total Time Riding: 25:19:24

Todays Weather: Rain at first, drier later.

After breakfast in the hostel at New Lanark, we made a fairly early start today so as not to be too late into Penrith later in the day. This was because our accommodation for the night was actually a 45 minute drive away from our intended stopping point and we didn’t want to be too late for dinner again.

From the hostel we headed down to the mill for some photos before heading off on our way in the rain. The first hour or so was along main, but not too busy, roads in the pouring rain. There wasn’t much said, we just pressed on through the gloom in a line of riders at a slow but steady pace.

Day 4

Day 4

We then turned onto the B7076 as the rain eased off. This road was amazing. It follows the M74 but is wide, straight and very very quiet. We barely saw any traffic on it and with a tailwind and a long essentially downhill stretch we were making good progress. We stopped for a quick flapjack break and a chance to put on overshoes and other waterproofs, but typically once we had, the sun started to come out. Our next stop for lunch came earlier than expected as we had been flying along the B7076 so the support crew weren’t quite expecting us so soon.

The road may have been fast, quiet and easy going, but it wasn’t that interesting either. We followed it all the way down through Lockerbie and then through Gretna and across the border into England. Day 4 of JOGLE and we were out of Scotland and into England.

We then made our way through Carlisle and then onto Penrith via the A6. This part of the route wasn’t quite so nice, but it wasn’t too bad either. Ian, Kev and myself pressed on a little harder with about 12 miles to go and left the others behind us. The final few miles into Penrith were OK so Morgan joined me for these and we rolled into the car park with everyone else not too far behind.

We then had to load up the cars and vans ready for the drive across the Lake District to Buttermere where we were staying in the Youth Hostel. I quite fancied climbing some of the hills on my bike and half wished the route had taken us through the Lake District but that would have added quite a bit of riding onto the route, so instead we would just have to drive back to Penrith tomorrow and simply skirt around the edge of the Lake District instead.

The Hostel was nice and Anna and Eloise soon had dinner ready for us. After dinner I had a sticky toffee pudding as a second dessert and played a card game with Anna and Morgan. We sorted out the laundry whilst the others went to the pub and then Anna, Morgan and I wandered down to the lake to skim some stones and paddle in the cool waters.

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