1 mile repeats

It’s supposed to be a recovery week this week for me but yesterday’s session was 3x 1 mile repeats with 3 minutes between intervals and the aim was to increase to speed for each mile. I set my Garmin Forerunner 910XT up for the workout, inputting target zones of 6:40 – 6:30 mins/mile for the first mile, 6:30-6:20 mins/mile for the second and then faster than 6:20 mins/mile for the final 1 mile effort. After a 5 minute warm up it was straight into the mile efforts.

The first one felt quite hard and I was having trouble relaxing. My calves were tight and I felt quite tense, but managed to complete the mile in a time of 6:35, smack bang in the middle of my target.

The next 3 minutes recovery went by quite quickly though and I was soon onto mile repeat number 2 and this one was supposed to be faster. It had a little rise at the end of it as well just to make things a little more difficult but I completed it in 6:25, once again right in the middle of my target pace. I was puffing by the end mind you, despite the fact that 6:25 isn’t really that fast.

The next 3 minute recovery gave me time to think about the next 1 mile effort which was supposed to be faster again. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do it though as my calves were feeling quite sore by now.

My watch beeped at me and I picked up the pace for a third and final time. I kept pushing for the whole mile, including up and over the small rise. I was on target once again with a time of 6:08. I just had a slow, but quite painful jog back home to do.

Not a bad way to start the day I suppose and quite a hard run for a recovery week. But then again it wasn’t as good as the last time I did 1 mile repeats. Last week I did 5x 1 mile repeats they were faster than this as I finished the 5th one in a time of 5:55. Nevermind, I guess I should be slower on a recovery week simply because my body should be tired and recovering. Although I think some of the sluggishness and stiffness could be down to the extra 5kg in weight I’m carrying and the poor diet I’ve had over the past week thanks to Easter!

Next week should be better.




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