Catastrophic Chaffing

I’ve been trying to fit some training in during the Christmas period, despite not having a structured plan to follow. I have also been trying to spend plenty of quality family time with Anna and Morgan so have spent lots of time out walking in the hills, geocaching in the woods and strolling on the beach. Whilst at home with them we’ve been playing games, building lego, cooking and of course eating, all without too many distractions (other than the stupid wi-fi playing up!).

I have managed to fit some training in though. I’ve been for a swim whenever the pools have been open, I been for an occasional run and I’ve been on the turbo trainer if I haven’t been running. Much less than I would usually do, but I have at least been ticking over. The additional food and reduced exercise has of course led to an increase in weight, so as I mentioned the other day any training I have been doing has been ‘hyper gravity training‘ thanks to the fact that I’m carrying an extra stone in weight at the moment.

I did do a 2 hour turbo trainer session the other day. It’s a session I’ve done before, not too strenuous, just an aerobic endurance workout, but for some reason during it I could feel that my shorts were a little uncomfortable and there was going to be some chaffing at the tops of my thighs /  edge of my groin area. I didn’t realise quite how bad it was though until I got off and into the shower. When the water hit the aforementioned area, the pain was unbearable. I could barely stop myself from screaming and just stood there in the shower gritting my teeth and straining every muscle in my body whilst trying to cope with the pain. I won’t go into too many details but the tops of my thighs were clearly not the only areas affected. There was plenty of pain coming from areas that can only be described as ‘behind’ and ‘underneath’ as well. It was agony.

The catastrophic chaffing is gradually getting better now, but it still looks pretty sore and I can’t quite sit or walk in my normal relaxed fashion. I will spare you any photos but whatever you are imagining, it is probably worse than that. Some of the sores have been bleeding a little and they are certainly not comfortable. I don’t think I’ll be wearing those particular shorts again!

Of course, as I couldn’t really get on the bike I decided to go for a run yesterday instead and ran quite a bit further than I normally do by running a Hilly Hogmanay Half Marathon.  Not such a good idea really as it was raining most of the way around and by the time I got back I noticed that my top had been rubbing and I now had severely chaffed nipples too!

This training malarky really isn’t good for you!

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  1. mum says:

    That’s why I don’t do any

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