Family Get Together for Christmas

We made the annual visit to just north of Bristol at the weekend in order to meet my side of the family for the pre-Christmas gathering. It was my Mum’s birthday on the Saturday as well so we were there to celebrate that as well as meet up with everyone and exchange Christmas gifts.

Anna, Morgan and I drove down on Friday evening and had dinner at my parents house before spending the evening with them. We then had a nice big breakfast on Saturday morning before heading off to Hollywood Bowl at Cribbs Causeway for some ten pin bowling with the rest of the clan. As well as me, Anna, and Morgan, we were joined by my Mum and Dad, my brother Jay, his wife Jennie and their children Megan, Harry, Charlie and Jack, my brother Brad and his wife Eloise, and then my sister Trudi, her partner Mike and her children Kia and Shaun. Quite a gathering really and we all had fun bowling and then eating some fast food before heading off in our own directions.

Anna Morgan and I went shopping in the Mall and tried to get my iPod Nano repaired at the Apple Store. Apparently they couldn’t fix it so I ended up buying a new iPod shuffle instead. It was then back to my parents house for a roast dinner before settling down to watch The Hobbit. I was then up early for a run in the morning darkness in Yate and then a swim with Mike in the pool before having breakfast back at my parents house. Meanwhile my Dad had been trying to fix my iPod Nano for me. He succeeded in mending the broken button, and all seems to work, but although it syncs with my Mac and turns on, the screendoesn’t actually display anything! Oh well, it was worth a try.

Everyone else then heading off to the South of Bristol to cut down Christmas Trees which is always a nice day out, but just too far out of the way for us seeing as we also had a long drive home to do. We therefore headed back to Wales, stopping off at a garden centre and aquarium on the way. We bought a few little presents in the garden centre and some fish – 3 Sterbai Corydoras and 6 Ember Tetras – in the aquarium.

It was a bit of a whistle-stop visit, but we got to see everyone, exchanged pressies and had a nice time. The Christmas festivities have begun!


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  1. Avatar forComment Author mum says:

    Lovely week end x

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