Ceredigion Sports Awards

As someone who has represented Team-GB in a sport and competed on an international level, I had been invited to attend the 2013 Ceredigion Sports Awards. These were held yesterday in Aberaeron to recognise sporting achievements across Ceredigion. Billed as the ‘International Awards Presentation’ there were 23 people being presented with awards.

Anna and I decided to make a day of it. It was our wedding anniversary earlier in the week and we usually go out for a day to celebrate it so thought we’d combine the two. After breakfast at home and dropping Morgan off at school we headed into Aberaeron where we went to the Harbour Master for brunch. A delicious couple of pieces of toast, poached eggs and some tasty Talsarn bacon. We then wandered around Aberaeron for a bit, first around the harbour and onto the beach, then in through the town where we browsed through the shops, and then across into the park where there was a small craft fair.

We then stopped off for some elevenses in the form of tea and scones before getting changed and heading around to the council buildings. Anna had an excuse to wear a dress and I put on my Team-GB kit ready for the presentations

Before the awards we were all led into the council chambers where we were shown some video and had a few opening addresses by various dignitaries. There were then various other awards for:

  • Talented Juniors
  • Cerdigion Sports coach of the Year
  • Dragon Sport Volunteer Award
  • 5×60 Young Persons Volunteer Award
  • Disability Sport Wales Volunteer Award

All went quite quickly really with just short presentations and the occasional video clip to watch.

Next up was the presentation of the Insport Sward to Ceredigion itself, before they moved on to the International Awards. I wasn’t the only one there from the INTR Triathlon Club as Sharon, Graham and Andrea also competed in New Zealand for Team-GB last year. It was quite nice though as each person was introduced along with a little background to their sporting career. I can’t remember exactly what they said about me but they mentioned that I only started triathlon a few years ago and that I was 2nd Brit home in Auckland which qualified me for the 2013 World Champs in London. They also mentioned the fact that I had recently competed in the European Championships in Turkey where I won the Gold Medal for Team-GB.

I clambered over the guide dog belonging to a talented young skier that had decided to have a snooze at my feet and went up to shake hands and accept my award. I was presented with a ‘Wales International’ polo shirt, a certificate and a £40 cheque.

Andrea was next up, followed by Graham and Sharon who were presented with their awards together. There were also awards for internationals from  the sports of Footbll, Fencing, Orienteering, Shooting, Cycling, Athletics, Boxing, Rallying, Karate and Rugby.

Once the awards were over we all headed outside into the sunshine – it was a glorious day – for some official photos before heading back into thw council buildings for a buffet. Yes, as usual I ate far too much – for those who need to know these things I’m up to 72kg now, about 10kg over what I should be, so it’s time to do something about it!

All in all it was a little different to our usual anniversary celebrations but a nice day out and good to see the hard work of volunteers and athletes alike being recognised by the community.



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