Mobile Mayhem – One Month On

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone

Well, I’ve had my new iPhone 4 for nearly a month now and I’m pleased to report that I haven’t become the mobile monster that I feared. I used it a fair bit in Turkey, but since being back I’m not buried in it that often. The phone itself was bought from a mobile shop via eBay and it arrived on time and was in really good condition. Just one little scratch on the back cover but the front glass and the rest of the phone was perfect.

It has been good to have and use, I thought the small screen would mean that I didn’t use it much in comparison to the iPad, but I’ve found that it is quite convenient much of the time and the fact that it is faster and a little more stable means that I do sometime use it instead of the iPad. Also the fact that it runs iOS 6 ( and will run iOS7 when it comes out) means that it runs some apps that I wanted that won’t run on the iPad so I use it for them as well.

It has of course integrated well with the rest of my Apple World – When I got it I simply switched it on, logged into my Apple account and Google accounts and everything was soon up and running with all of my apps and setting pretty much as I would want them Email accounts, Calendars, Reminders, Contacts, Apps, Podcasts, Music and such like was soon synced and just the way I wanted them. Photostream now works between the camera on the iPhone and my other devices which proves handy and having it all in my pocket all the time is nice.

Morgan liked the fact that I had it whilst I was in Turkey as it meant I could use it for video calls with him. We either used FaceTime or Google Hangouts.

I’ve also noticed that 3G speeds are actually better than I had assumed. I thought they’d seem slow compared to wired broadband, but they actually tend to be around 2-3 times faster than our broadband speeds. But as you know our broadband is terrible here for some reason. Of course I don’t always have 3G coverage but when I do it is better than expected.

As far as using it as a phone goes, well, I haven’t actually used it yet. So far no one has phoned me and although I did try to ring someone the other day they didn’t answer! All in good time! 🙂

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  1. Alan says:

    Forgot to say it hasn’t cost me too much either… I topped up with £15.00 credit with Tesco Pay as you Go when I got it, and thanks to the fact that they give you £30 worth of free credit for a month I still have £14.82 credit left and £26.84 free credit.


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