MTBing with Friends

We had a good day yesterday and once again a busy one, just the way I like it. My day started at 4am when I got up and started some early morning baking and cleaning. Once Morgan was up and the baking was all under control I stopped for some breakfast and watched Gardeners World on the iPad whilst Morgan watched the Simpsons Movie. It was then time for more cleaning and a couple of hours tidying up the garden which is starting to look really nice ready for the summer.

I then got ready to go out and meet Dennis and Sophie up at Pendam for a Mountain Bike ride. They hadn’t ridden here before so I showed them around the Summit Trail which they seemed to enjoy. The weather was kind to us, overcast with the odd sunny spell but not too cold and best of all, dry. Even the trails were pretty dry for the most part. The ride itself was fairly uneventful, no mechanicals, no incidents and we all had a good time.

It was then back to our house to chill in the conservatory and compare Strava segments before Anna and I cooked up a delicious dinner of homemade chicken satay, noodles, carrots and favourite at the moment, Apple and Lime Raita – It all sounds quite simple but it is a combination of dishes that go really well together. All rounded off with a nice bottle of wine courtesy of Dennis and Sophie and a fairly decent helping of cakes from the baking I’d done earlier in the day.

Dennis and Sophie didn’t stay the night as they had things to do on Sunday and I was due to get up early in order to run at 7:30am. As it happens I didn’t really sleep at all so got up at 5am feeling fairly sleep-deprived. I blame it on the copious amounts of caffeine in the Rotorua Mud Cake!

It was good to catch up with friends again even though it wasn’t that long ago that we visited them, but it’s always good to entertain and reciprocate with some hospitality and good home cooking.

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