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I’m quite enjoying my little turbo trainer sessions at the moment. I know that’s not right, they are supposed to be boring, horrible and painful, but I’ve been doing them at lunch time and feel so much better for it afterwards.

The secret is to mix it up, doing different sessions all the time so that you don’t get bored. I also do some multi-tasking, listening to podcasts whilst I’m doing it and watching the birds on the feeders in the garden.

I’ve been doing a variety of different workouts. The tough interval sessions from Jon following my tests at the Sports and Exercise Science department at the university, some of my own making and some from the Tacx website.

Those by Jon which have been individually tailored for me are supposed to be really tough so I’m only going to do one of those a week for now. The ones I make up are usually quite tough too. The ones from Tacx seem to be about right for me as well. They have various different types, aerobic endurance workouts, interval workouts, sprint workouts and more.

Todays session was session 2 from their aerobic endurance workouts sheet:

Todays Turbo Trainer Session - Click to enlarge

Todays Turbo Trainer Session - Click to enlarge

I followed it to the letter and it all felt fairly easy. There isĀ  mistake in the Time column; on line 11 the time should be 4 minutes no 1 minute, which also means that the cumulative time column is incorrect and should have an extra 3 minutes added to each value from there on in which gave me something to think about. In fact, as things are constantly changing, the workout seems to fly by. A couple of minutes of one thing and then its time to change the settings, change your cadence etc. so the time flys by and before you know it you’ve been on the turbo trainer for 45 minutes.

Not a bad workout though, nothing too difficult but then an aerobic endurance workout shouldn’t be too taxing. Here’s my heart rate trace during the workout.

Heart Rate Trace - Click to enlarge

Heart Rate Trace - Click to enlarge

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