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Anna and Morgan were away on the Isle of Man for the weekend and I had to collect them from Liverpool on Sunday afternoon which provided me with a perfect excuse for a mountain bike ride at Llandegla.

I drove up in the morning on lovely clear roads in the sunshine. The drive itself was nice, no need to play ‘I-Spy’ with Morgan all the way and some gorgeous scenery. Cadair Idris and a few other hills were snow-capped but at lower levels spring was in evidence everywhere with daffodils and primroses lining the roads. Just me, the open road and my bike gleaming in the sunshine.

Llandegla was busy as usual. Bikers everywhere getting ready for a ride and the smell of WD40 filling the air. I got changed and set off out on my first lap of the trail. It was pretty busy out on the trail but I was taking it easy and enjoying myself so never really got held up. Most people seemed to be standing around anyway for some reason.

I hadn’t been here for a while and there have been quite a few changes to the trail since last time so it was nice to be taking it easy and enjoying the surroundings. All went well and I finished the first lap in 1 hour 15, had an energy bar and then set off to do it all over again. This time I took it easier on the climbs, but went a little faster on the descents, even getting some air a few times (which is unheard of for me!) My new tyres are much more grippy than my old ones which gave me more confidence, but they do seem to drag a little up the hills. You can’t have everything I suppose. The second lap also took me 1 hour 15.

It was then time for a bacon and egg bap, date flapjack and cappuccino before heading off to Liverpool. I had plenty of time to kill in Liverpool so wandered around a few shops and tried (unsuccessfully) to get an internet connection on my iPad.  It was good to see Anna and Morgan after a few days away and it sounded as though they’d had fun on the Isle of Man. The journey back was uneventful, but we did stop for a nice roast dinner at the newly opened Cross-Foxes Inn.

I took my GoPro Camera with me and got some nice footage of the trails – Grab a coffee, sit back and watch the Llandegla Trails whizz by.

There will be another video added soon.

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