A Training Hiatus

After 5 days with some sort of lurgy that never really came to anything I’ve just done my first training session. 5 days without training may not sound like much, but it was actually 6 days as the day before I started feeling ill was a rest day and to me it seems like ages. I missed the first race of my season due to it as well, but thought that it was better to take it easy than make things worse by training and racing through it.

The actual illness never really come to much, just a sore throat, sore mouth, headache and general lack of ‘get up and go’.

It wasn’t helped by the fact that it coincided with Easter so the house was full of chocolates and cakes that I couldn’t resist eating. We also went to a BBQ at a friends house so had a little too much to eat and drink there.

I have to admit that I’m not sure of some if the headache symptoms weren’t due at least in part to the unhealthy eating. I always used to be able to eat pretty much anything and in pretty huge quantities too. However, I’ve recently cleaned up my diet a fair bit and eat much less in the way of gluten containing products and refined sugars. I have a feeling that I’ve now lost the tolerance that I had to such things which means that if I eat too much of them I end up with a headache. The refined sugars in the form of cakes and chocolate especially seem to result in a headache. It’s my own fault entirely because once I start eating them i just can’t stop – whole cake, huge bars of chocolate, entire easter eggs, they just all go down the hatch and they aren’t doing me any good at all.

The additional eating that I’ve indulged in, combined with the lack of training means that I’ve gone from a race fit 62kg to a feeling fat and slow 68kg in the last 6 days. I keep trying to convince myself that it’s not too bad – I can’t stay at race weight all of the time and a little additional body fat is good from a health perspective, but gaining it so quickly and from so much junk can’t be good in any respect!

So, it’s back to it again now. I’ve got a couple of Easter Eggs still to finish off and one or two cakes as well and although I’m still not quite 100% I’m hoping I can start training again. Today’s session was a fairly easy hour on the turbo trainer followed by half an hour of weights just to get me going again. I’m now going to have a week of easing back into it and getting back up to speed before launching into a 4 week hard block of training followed by an easier week before my next race on May 12th.

Let’s hope it all goes to plan this time.

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