Spring Cleaning in the Garden

Shhh, don’t tell anyone but it hasn’t rained here for a while. In fact, I’ve just looked it up in the historic data section of the Borth and Ynyslas weather station that I run and it says that the last time it rained was on Valentines Day – That’s two whole weeks. The good news is that means I was able to finally get out in the garden and do some work on it yesterday (Thursday).

I didn’t get much done as I only had an hour or so but it looks better already. All I really did was tidy up a few borders, removing dead wood and flower heads and clearing up some rubbish. In doing so though I exposed lots of new shoots and plenty of signs of life. Most of the herbaceous perennials are showing new green shoots, the crocuses, helebores and snowdrops are in flower and the tulips are an their way.

The aliums along the conservatory wall are poking their heads out of the ground too. There are lots of tiny little grass-like plants along with the aliums. They don’t quite look like grass to me and have tiny little bulbous roots so maybe they are baby aliums that have grown from last years seeds. I’m going to leave them there for now and see what they develop into but it would be good if we have managed to self-seed hundreds more aliums along here.

Sprouting Aliums and Baby Aliums

Sprouting Aliums and Baby Aliums

There’s still plenty to do out there though with lots more clearing up to do. I’d also like to extract some compost from the compost bins before the bees get too lively and use it to mulch all of the flower beds and I need to clean and re-instate the water feature – assuming it is still working as it seems to break at least once a year. We could do with clearing out behind the house and sorting out the sheds as well, but that would require the hiring of a skip and probably a weeks work… We can’t afford the time or the money for that at the moment but it will have to be done soon.



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  1. mum says:

    mine needs doing too!!!

  2. Alan says:

    Managed to get out there for a little bit this morning too… More tidying up and dead heading and even fed the bees and got the water feature going for them too… Although it needs a good clean out itself really.

    Plenty more things springing into life though and the weeds seem to have had a head start on me too.


  3. mum says:

    Ok,ok you have inspired me to at tidy mine up a little today,but it is hard work and then I ache for days after ,but it will look nicer

    • Alan says:

      Looks like a lovely day for it…. Unfortunately I have to marshall / take photos at the aquathlon this morning and then do a 1.5 hour swim and a 1 hour aquajog so no gardening for me. 🙁

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