No Moths – Are you sure its May?

I put the moth trap out in the garden last night, but there wasn’t sign of a single moth in or around the trap this morning.

Mind you, with temperatures down to less than 3°C and day time temperatures still struggling to get into double figures it really doesn’t feel like May out there. I’m sure it’s not just me but it certainly seems to be a lot colder than it should be. It was freezing last night stood around waiting for the Scouts and Explorers to finish their hike and I’m having to wear as many jumpers as I would in the winter.

We’re not going to break down and put the heating back on, but we’ll probably get the wood burner fired up again over the weekend. I’m just hoping we don’t get a frost as the garden is looking good. We’ve been hardening off a few seedlings and the pelargoniums that we overwintered in the conservatory. They’ve been put outside each day for the last couple of weeks and brought back in at night. We then took delivery of some Sweet Potato seedlings so to make room for those in the conservatory some of the plants we’ve been hardening off have had to remain outside. First they stayed near to the warmth of the house, but yesterday some of them got planted out.

Bean Border with Courgettes

Bean Border

The new bean border has been fully prepared with a nice arrangement of netting for the beans to climb. I put a few bean plants out to see how they get on and then in between each of the canes in this new border I’ve planted a courgette plant. Courgettes have done well in our garden over the past few years and with just a couple of plants we have been kept supplied with more than enough courgettes for our needs throughout the summer. This year we have quite a few courgette plants so will no doubt be giving them away later in the year when we have more courgettes than we can eat. Mind you, we do have lots of uses for courgette from tasty salads to soups, layers within lasagnes and of course courgette cakes.

I’ve potted out a few of the Pelargoniums as well which are now brightening up the gravel seating area. In fact, if the weather would warm up it would be a glorious place to sit and while away the day at the moment as the garden looks lovely. Its not quite the same whilst wearing 6 layers, hats and gloves though.

Our Garden in Spring

Our Garden in Spring

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