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Home Grown Sweet Potatoes

I’m not really sure what the difference between a sweet potato and a yam is, but we’ve been quite successful growing them this year. We didn’t really expect them to do that well, but they’ve been sat in pots both in the conservatory and out potato planters in the garden and have been growing away....

Sweet Potato Flower 1

Sweet Potato Flower

One of our Sweet Potato plants has started flowering… We’re still not sure how, if or when we’ll actually get any sweet potatos though.

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A Meal from the Garden

I do like eating home grown produce and the garden is doing well at the moment. Last night I managed a meal with loads of fruit and veg that we had grown with our own fair hands. It was a bit of a mix and match meal as I grabbed it after a circuit training...

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No Moths – Are you sure its May?

I put the moth trap out in the garden last night, but there wasn’t sign of a single moth in or around the trap this morning. Mind you, with temperatures down to less than 3°C and day time temperatures still struggling to get into double figures it really doesn’t feel like May out there. I’m sure...

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Pumpkin Picker

We picked the pumpkin yesterday. We’ve been growing it from seed it all year and it’s a whopper – Well, it isn’t that big but considering that it is supposed to have been a bad year for pumpkins then we think we’ve done quite well. The ones that you can buy in the shops are...

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The Garden Continues to Produce

Despite the high winds and very autumnal weather we’re having, the garden is still producing for us. The herbs are all still doing well and so is the veg. We dug up our last crop of potatoes recently and have been gradually munching our way through the beetroots. There are some onions that look just...