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Birthday Girl 6

Anna’s 40th – Laser Tag and Cakes

Who would believe it? Anna, 40 years old already. We did of course tease her suitably about this landmark age, but not too much seeing as many of us are already way past this age! We also marked the day with something of a party. Party preparations I’d been working on the garden in the sunshine for...

Add the courgette to the cake mix 5

Chocolate Courgette Cake

Amazon.co.uk Widgets Hot on the heels of our success with the Courgette Cake recipe, but still with a glut of courgettes, last night we baked some chocolate courgette cakes. They were once a gain a success, although not much good for aiding my weight loss! Here’s the recipe. 250g plain flour 375g caster sugar 65g...

Courgette Cake 6

Courgette Cake

Our vegetables have been growing well in the garden. So much so that despite giving as many away as possible we still have a glut of courgettes. There are only so many courgettes a man can eat. That is until Anna turns them into courgette cake of course. From whence there was a healthy, organically...

Ripening Reds 1

Ripening Reds

Arrrggghhhh…. No more courgettes please! We’ve given loads away, we’ve had courgette soup, courgette cake, courgette and chocolate cake, courgetti spaghetti, lasagne made with courgettes rather than pasta, courgette salads, more courgette cakes, courgette fritters, courgette meatballs, courgette bread, yet more courgette cake, and courgette in just about every other meal we’ve cooked. And still...

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No Moths – Are you sure its May?

I put the moth trap out in the garden last night, but there wasn’t sign of a single moth in or around the trap this morning. Mind you, with temperatures down to less than 3°C and day time temperatures still struggling to get into double figures it really doesn’t feel like May out there. I’m sure...

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Spicery Meals and Garden Gluts

I haven’t posted about our Spicery meals for a while but they are still as delicious as ever. The Spicery The Spicery is a little different to the other meal boxes we get from the likes of Gousto, Hello Fresh and the latest one we’ve tried ‘MyCook Box. Rather than providing us with all the ingredients...