An Excited 7 Year Old

It seemed like Christmas again at the weekend for us. It was Morgan’s 7th birthday and my parents were here visiting. Morgan was pretty excited about it being his birthday and even more so when he saw the big pile of presents he had to open.

I don’t think he was expecting much as we had been to the zoo with a couple of his friends last weekend. That wasn’t the case an he had plenty. Lots of lego, lots of books, drawing and colouring implements, an inflatable chair, tools and cleaning kit for his bike, clothes and a noisy toy electric guitar.

We spent most of the day playing with lego (We do like Lego!), working out the guitar and generally having fun together. The Lego we built was a harbour, complete with windsurfer (with asymmetric boom!), a dive boat and a surf cafe – cool! Morgan also had a pack with lots of cars and bits of cars in it along with a pick up truck and garage ramp.

The birthday cake was nice too!

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  1. mum says:

    Look out for photo of Anna “playing ” Morgans guitar as soon as Kia helps me put it on facebook. Thanks for lovely week-end to all of you

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