Some Much Needed Rain



It seems like ages since we’ve had any rain. Although, I’ve just checked through the historic data on our Borth Weather Station which is all available online  and we last had some rain on April 11th and we had a heavy dew on April 14th so it hasn’t really been that long – Although just a few days without rain in Wales is significant!

We’ve put a number of new plants into the garden so I’ve been having to water each day and the water butts were almost dry. Thankfully we had decent thunderstorm and a downpour yesterday evening and then some rain overnight as well. Not huge amounts, 4.4mm in a few minutes during the thunderstorm yesterday and then 1.2mm over the course of an hour or so early this morning. I’m sure it will have done the garden good and hopefully will have replenished the water butts as well.

It’s still a little grey out there but I think it’s time for another coffee and wander around the garden to see how things are coming along.

Hopefully that’s it for the rain for a while though as the lazy sunny days have been lovely.

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