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I’ve ¬†been gradually getting back into my old sport of Triathlon over the past few years. I used to do them when in my late teens but life got in the way and mortgages, marriage, Morgan and other things all took their toll and somewhere along the line I got about 20 years older than I used to be!

A few years ago I got a mountain bike and started to get a little bit fitter whilst having fun in the hills. I then started going to ‘swimfit‘ on a Tuesday evening where most of the other people were triathletes. I also started doing circuit training before swimfit and gradually my fitness improved.

I was then talked into doing a charity triathlon by my sister Trudi so had to dust off my old road bike and give it a go. I had fun doing it and was soon on the turbo trainer and doing a little bit of running. I then signed up to do Pwllheli Triathlon earlier this year and did OK in that. It was here that I decided that maybe I should start doing triathlons again – this time for fun rather than to compete.

One of the guys who beat me at the Pwllheli Triathlon lived locally to me and has recently started a new triathlon club called INTR Tri (I Need to Run Triathlon), this means there are two triathlon clubs in the area, but I decided to join this one as it seemed as though it had a good balance between quality coaching and the fun aspect of the sport. Also, Pete is a level 3 BTF coach and offers his services to club members so I thought it would be a good way to liven up my training a bit.

I’ve been along to a swim session in the pool with the club and also an open water swim with them and everyone seems nice. Not too intimidating and as always with triathlon, very welcoming whatever your ability. I now have a new, periodised training plan to follow. It’s definitely a little different to what I’ve been doing, with a little more emphasis on longer runs and other endurance work which will hopefully improve my overall fitness and start helping with some endurance for my 12 hour solo MTB race later in the year. It’ll take a bit of getting used to and some organising to fit things in but I’m going to give it a good go and see how I get on. I’m almost looking forward to the 50 minute hilly runs I have scheduled – in a strange kind of way.

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