Photographing Moths

After the success of Sunday nights Moth Trapping I thought I’d have another go on Monday. The skies were a little clearer so temperatures dropped to 5.7ºC but with light winds we still had quite a good haul:

  • 1 x Mottled Grey
  • 20 x Shoulder stripe
  • 3 x Emmelina monodactyla
  • 7 x Dotted Border
  • 4 x Early Grey
  • 3 x Common Quaker
  • 1 x Double-striped Pug
  • 4 x Small Quaker
  • 5 x Hebrew Character
  • 1 x Grey Shoulder-knot*
  • 3 x Clouded Drab
  • 1 x Red Sword-grass

This year, instead of taking voucher style photos with a consistent, neutral grey background and a ruler for scale which aids identification I’ve decided to try to get some ‘nicer’ photos of the moths with more natural backgrounds. These photos may not be ideal for making a collection but hopefully they’ll show the moths off in a more natural looking environment.

Here are a few from last night, hope you like the photos better than the voucher shots.

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