Water Feature Woes

The new water feature that we installed last July survived the winter, despite being turned into an ice feature. I turned it on a few weeks ago and it was working fine. It’s been going well and the birds love it, I checked it on Friday and all was still well, then Saturday morning it, as I’m sure you;ve guessed by now, it just stopped working for some reason.

The sump was full with water, and I couldn’t see anything untoward. I checked the pump, checked the connectors, checked the plug, changed the fuse but there was just no life in the pump. There was no option but to remove the pump, extract the cable from the trunking that we’d buried across the garden and replace it.

I did think about getting it replaced under warranty from the garden centre in Welshpool where we bought it, , but after checking online and on our receipt it looked as though the pump itself cost less than £30 and it would cost that just to get to Welshpool and back, so instead Morgan and I had a trip to the local garden centre where we bought a similar pump for £25.99.

I then set about disconnecting the pump, tying lengths of kite-line to the end of the old pumps cable, pulling it through the trunking, then pulling the new cable back through the trunking. Connected all the wires, set it all up and then switched it on and….. Hey presto it worked! Phew, it’s a shame the old one stopped working, but at least it’s all fixed now. I also feel as though I’ve had a fairly productive and fairly successful day.

I guess it will be worth phoning the garden centre in Welshpool to let them know and maybe we’ll be able to take it with us next time we go there and get a refund.

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