200th Geocache Milestone

It’s half term this week so Morgan is having a couple of days at home with me.

He’s learnt to make me cups of coffee so I’ve had a bit of a caffeine overdose today as he just keeps making me endless cup after cup!

Morgan spent the morning in his pyjamas, while I cleaned and fixed my bike, did a bit of work and cleaned the house. We also played with Lego and on ‘Pirates vs Ninjas vs Zombies┬ávs Pandas’ on the iPad. After lunch, to get Morgan out of the house we decided to head off in search of our 200th geocache and hopefully an FTF to boot.

It was a pretty grey day so after a stop at the Post Office in Borth – which, surprise, surprise was closed and didn’t have any parcel tape for us to buy either – we drove to the cache. Alphabet Series K. It was a nice easy find and we were the first ones to find it. That’s 200 geocaches under our belts and a a little bit of fresh air too.

We then headed to the Post Office in Penrhyncoch, which was not only open, but let use their parcel tape free of charge (we did buy some as well!).

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