Garden Updates

The weather has been great for the garden so far this year. A lack of wind has given everything a much needed boost and as long as I remember to water the new plants all is growing well.



The Irises are now fading, as are the Forget-me-Nots and Foxgloves, but many other things are in full bloom or about to come out. The Thyme is growing like mad and covered in little flowers at the moment. We have a couple of impressive looking Aliums in a pot by the bench and the Loosestrife is making quite a show of itself.



The daisy bush is just past its best but still looking nice and the flower on the palm tree fills the whole garden with its sweet scent.

The Gunnera is taking over the world as usual and the Marguerites are about to flower. Even our Wedding Bells rose is doing quite well this year and is covered in flowers.

As far as the garden produce goes, we’ve been eating salad like it going out of fashion, we’ve eaten the first of the potatoes and even some of the spring onions. The other potatoes are coming on well, as are the carrots, chard, sprouts and kale. We should be able to start harvesting the courgettes by the end of the week as well, and hopefully the strawberries and raspberries too. The red currants are nearly ready as well, but I’m not sure we’ll beat the birds and bugs to these. The rhubarb is growing well too, but there isn’t any sign of fruit on the Goji Berry bushes yet though.

We are pretty much overrun with herbs, we’ve been eating lots of it but there’s no way we can keep up with the Lovage, Thyme, Sage or Oregano. The rosemary is fine as is the coriander and parsley and as far as feverfew goes we’ve got enough to cure half of the UK’s headaches!

It’s really nice sitting out there enjoying it all and just as nice eating half of it as well.

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