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Garden Battered by the Spring

I haven’t posted a garden update here for a while. After the gorgeous early spring weather with plenty of sunshine, little rain and very warm temperatures things took a turn weather-wise. Very strong winds, rain and cold temperatures saw the garden suffering a little. As usual the plants coped OK for the first few days...

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Freeze Dried Herbs

We were quite pleased with the progress we made in the garden this past summer, but it may have all been in vain. The recent cold temperatures may well have killed a few plants off. Some will have made it through but some are certainly looking a little worse for the ordeal. I guess we’ll...

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Garden Updates

The weather has been great for the garden so far this year. A lack of wind has given everything a much needed boost and as long as I remember to water the new plants all is growing well. The Irises are now fading, as are the Forget-me-Nots and Foxgloves, but many other things are in...

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