Moth Trapping

Another good night for the moth trap. Light winds and temperatures held up with a minimum of 9.6ºC so the trap was full this morning. Lots of micro moths but I’m not taking too much notice of those at the moment as I’m trying to familiarise myself with the macro moths first, but some of the micros last night were impressive including an iridescent yellow one.

Here’s the list of macros:

  • 4x Yellow Shell
  • 13x Lackey
  • 5x Oligia sp.
  • 3x Wormwood Pug
  • 1x Silver-ground Carpet
  • 1x Eyed Hawkmoth
  • 1x Shoulder-striped Wainscot
  • 12x Heart and Dart
  • 2x White Ermine
  • 2x Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet
  • 2x Common Marbled Carpet
  • 1x Common Pug
  • 2x Foxglove Pug
  • 4x Grey Pug
  • 1x Small Magpie
  • 1x Large Yellow Underwing
  • 2x Heart and Club
  • 9x Dark Arches
  • 1x Broom
  • 1x Small Elephant Hawkmoth
  • 1x Purple Bar
  • 1x Bright-line Brown-eye
  • 1x Flame Shoulder
  • 1x Small Square Spot
  • 1x Buff Ermine
  • 1x Shears
  • 1x Bordered Sallow
  • 1x Willow Beauty
  • 1x Light Emerald*
  • 1x Shaded Pug
  • 2x Dusky Brocade
  • 1x Brussels Lace*
  • 1x Clay*
  • 1x Middle-barred Minor

Phew – 83 moths, 34 species and 3 new to me. Managed to get a photo of the Yellow Shell today as well.

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