Ceredigion Moths – A Busy Night

The weather looked perfect for putting the moth trap out last night, mild, still and a little cloudy. The temperature only dropped to 13.1ºC overnight and there was barely any wind. I put the trap out and sat out there with it for a bit listening to the bats squeaking as they flew past and watching moths fly around the trap.

It did indeed turn out to be a good night and I’ve spent most of the morning going through the trap and trying to identify the moths I caught many of which were new to me. (Those marked * are new garden records). I still have a couple to ID but the list looks like this:

  • 1x Hebrew Character
  • 10x Shuttle-shaped Dart
  • 1x Marbled Coronet*
  • 2x Brindled Pug
  • 2x Speckled Yellow*
  • 1x Pale Shoulder Brocade*
  • 2x Brown Silver-line*
  • 1x Common Carpet
  • 1x Twenty Plume Moth
  • 16x Flame Shoulder
  • 1x Campion*
  • 2x Purple Bar*
  • 3x Rustic Shoulder-knot*
  • 3x Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet*
  • 1x Common Pug*
  • 1x Powdered Quaker
  • 1x Setaceous Hebrew Character
  • 1x Streamer*
  • 1x V-Pug*
  • 1x Ruddy Highflyer*
  • 1x Small Square-spot
  • 1x Lychnis*

Phew…. I need more hours in the day to go through and record this lot!

Here are the new ones



Number of species: 52

Moths: 441

All time

Number of species: 69

Moths: 636

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