Out on the Big Kit

After the best surf Ynyslas can muster on Saturday and some sunshine I was keen to get back in the water again. Darren (Badexcuseforasailor from Forces-of-Nature) was here for the weekend and we had arranged to either windsurf if there was wind or go for a bike ride, but windsurfing was the preferred activity.

After checking my moth trap (just a few due to the cold temperatures) and watching some of the Grand Prix, the wind started picking up so we got ourselves together and headed over to the beach.

Despite appearances with blue skies and whitecaps all over the water there wasn’t actually that much wind so I rigged my very rarely used biggest sail. A 6.7m Gun Jam. I don’t usually go out unless it is windy enough for my 5.6m sail so this big kit rarely sees the light of day. Once on the water it was a little difficult to get going but once up and planing it was actually quite nice to sail on the bigger kit. It’s nowhere near as hectic as smaller kit and everything happens at a slightly slower, more relaxed pace allowing you time to enjoy your surroundings rather than simply hanging on for the adrenalin rush.

A little bit more wind would have been nice, but I’m now looking forward to summer and will try to get out on the water a little more, even if it means getting the bigger kit out.

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