30 Mile Loop – From Coast to Hills

This is a nice scenic mountain bike loop from the coast at Ynyslas up into the hills around Angler’s Retreat. A fair bit of it is on the road, but there are plenty of scenic views and enough off-road miles to keep the Mountain-Biker happy.

From Ynyslas, the route goes along the flats to Tre-Ddol and then up a brutal road climb behind the church. It really is a killer and not the nicest way to start the ride proper, but you’ll have a sense of satisfaction at the top. At the end of the road turn left and go through a gate and then along a narrow road through some nice farmland. As the road bears sharply to the left head right onto a rocky little track, through another gate and up through a rock cutting to some amazing views out across the Dyfi Valley and towards the estuary at Ynyslas where you started the ride. There is also a tricky little geocache here (Assume Nothing Wales #1) if you fancy giving that a go.

Continue along the track, through a gate and then left at the end onto a long fire road climb which opens up to provide some great views across Artists Valley. The climb does drag on a bit so you may want to stop to refuel and admire the views halfway up. At the top the fire road comes to a ‘T’ junction and immediately opposite is a muddy MX Track, follow this, around the bend and then down hill on the right hand track, at the bottom of the hill is a sharp left-hander into a tricky little rocky step that is rideable, but isn’t that easy. the trail then drops down along a nice bit of double track with some little drops and dips and spits you out at out some disused mines.

Go right here then left and then right up ery short climb through a gulley and then out onto a fire-road descent which changes into a nice double track descent and then a rocky descent before going through a ford and then up onto the Nant y Moch road. Here you can take the road or the little tracks up to the right of the road before joining up with the Continental Trail for a while. here you go up a little climb, through a gate and then over the morrland on some nice double track (which is usually quite wet). There is a nice little rocky descent and then you keep following the Continental Trail up to its high point where we leave it and bear left along a bridleway for a descent down into Elerch.

here we join the road again and drop down into Talybont (there are some more interesting little excursions through the woods to the right here if you wish) and then along the main road and back to Tre-Ddol before the long straight back to Ynyslas.

Around 30 miles in total and on a nice day you’ll have plenty to keep you interested.

Click here for a Google Earth file of the route. Just download it and open it in Google Earth.

An overview and topo section is shown below.

Route map and Topo section

Route map and Topo section

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