I’m a Lab Rat again – Work Rate Peak

Once again I’m being a Sports and Exercise Science lab rat for Jon.

I did the ramp test yesterday which is always carried out before the test to give Jon some data that allows him to calculate the work rate that my subsequent tests should be performed at. Basically after filling in some disclaimer forms and a quick height and weight measurement, I get on the bike and pedal. I have to breathe through a mouthpiece and wear a nose-clip and heart rate monitor too. The resistance is then gradually increased by 30 Watts per minute and I have to keep going for as long as I can.

The good news is that I’d lost some weight. I was 75.6kg this time and 78.2kg last time. Strangely, I’ve also shrunk as I was 169.7cm tall last time but I’m only 169.1cm now! In fact, that makes me 5’6″ when I used to be almost 5’8″. Oh well, nothing I can do about that except maybe think tall thoughts.

Best of all though I’ve managed to increase my Work Rate Peak. Last time I did the ramp test I got to 384 Watts, this time I think I just about nudged it to 400 Watts. That’s good as it shows I’ve improved a little over the past few months. It does have a downside though as it means the subsequent tests will be carried out at a higher work rate than they were last time.

I’ll keep you up to date on how I get on on subsequent tests.

All of this was followed by a hard circuit training session and then swimfit – I should start seeing some real world improvements if I keep training at this rate!

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