Back on Track

Back on Track

Back on Track

Well, I’m finally feeling as though its time to get back on track and start training again. It’s taken a while as it has been over 2 months since I was in hospital and I’m still not feeling 100%, but I can take it no more. I just need to get out on my bike and back in the pool swimming before my muscles waste away completely.

I went out for an easy ride around the Dragons Back Trail at Coed y Brenin with Andrew a couple of weekends ago. I’ve had one or two goes on the turbo trainer, and last night I did a night ride with the Ystwyth MTB guys. None of it was easy, but I coped and didn’t actually do too badly considering I hadn’t been on a bike for a while.

So, now it’s time to start training properly again.

One thing I have noticed is an interesting pattern in my maximum heart rate. Before I went into hospital with pericarditis the first time, my maximum heart rate on a ride was usually around 180bpm. Whilst in hospital the first time my heart rate was really low. Then, after I’d recovered and was back out on the bike my maximum heart rate was still quite low, usually around 170bpm despite trying just as hard as before.

I then went back into hospital and have had two months off, and my maximum heart rate seems to be back up where it was prior to my first hospital visit.  181bpm on the Dragons Back ride, 177bpm on a turbo trainer session and 185bpm last night. Maybe there was still some inflammation around my heart during the time between my two hospital visits, and maybe the 2 months off has let that go down so that things are back to normal…. Lets hope so.

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