Doing things you’re good at

Swim Session

Swim Session

We should all strive to learn new things and challenging ourselves, but now and then you can’t beat the feeling of doing something you’re good at.

I’m trying to get fit, or at least fitter, since getting back on track after my hospital visits this year and swimming is a great way to do so. I used to swim properly many years ago and was quite good at it, but apart from a couple of sessions a week for a few months before my ‘health issues’ I really hadn’t been in the pool for about 10 years. Since I met Anna actually.

So, to help kick-start my fitness drive again I decided to turn up to a proper coached session at the pool in the university. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I did know a few other people who attended, so knew that I wouldn’t be completely out-classed.

As it turned out, although I’m slower than I used to be, I’m still fairly good at swimming and ended up leading the fast lane for the whole session. That doesn’t mean that I’m fit though as swimming is 95% technique, but it is something I’m fairly good at so doing it is a great ego boost.

I shall have to go more often, not only does it help me get fit but it makes me feel good too.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Dan says:

    We’re always kind to newcomers. Just you wait til next week. They’ll be toe-tapping your feet off 😉

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