Sports and Exercise Science Lab Tests

My lab tests for the ‘Supine exercise and the power-duration relationship’ study continue.

The second test on Monday was a very similar format to the first test except that I was lying down whilst cycling rather than in the usual position. It did make it harder and I didn’t last as long. The position is a little unusual and you just can’t produce as much power come the end of the test but it doesn’t seem to affect your heart and lungs quite so much, instead all of the pain is muscular!

Todays test was at a constant resistance and all I had to do was keep going at the same cadence for as long as possible. Sounds easy, but it soon becomes very difficult! I don’t know which of the settings I was at (60%, 70%, 80% or 100%) but it soon became pretty tough and I had to give it my all. And just to add the the pleasure I had to have a a small blood sample taken before and after as well.

Horrible at the time but it feels good afterwards!

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