Turbo Training Tuesday

As usual, Tuesday seems to be my day of fitness training. I’ve just done a turbo trainer session and will be off to circuit training and then swimfit this evening.

The Turbo Trainer sessions are going well. Last night I did a 3:2 minute interval session where I did 7 repetitions of 3 minutes @ 320 Watts and 2 minutes @ 120 Watts, the highest I’ve ever done that workout at and it was OK.

Heart Rate from 3:2 minute Interval Session

My maximum heart rate was only 150bpm so I obviously need to work a bit harder on these.

Today I did a 1:1 minute interval session, so after a warm up did 7 repetitions of 1 minute @ 400 Watts and 1 minute recovery @ 120 Watts. Again, 400 Watts is the most I’ve ever done this at and although it did get quite tough and my heart rate peaked at 166 bpm I did finish all 7 reps. The heart rate trace is pretty though!

Heart Rate Trace from 1 minute Interval Session

Time for some food now and plenty of water to get me ready for tonight’s activities.

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  1. Alan says:

    Phew, circuits was pretty tough last night… Certainly got my heart rate going anyway with a peak of 170 bpm.

    Swimfit was good too, but I think I need to work on my technique a bit as Lauren says I sweep my hand across under my body when I breathe. It doesn’t feel as though I do, but I’m sure she’s right so I shall have to fix that.


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