Idiot Dog Owners

Time for a rant….

First of all, dog owners that don’t clean up after their dogs, it’s disgusting, especially in public places and around here on the beach. There are kids playing in the dunes, digging in the sand and generally crawling around on the beach. The last thing they want to come across is a big pile of dog poo! Same for me, the little area of grass that I use to rig up on when going windsurfing at the top of the dunes is always covered in dog poo. It’s not nice at all!… Clear up after your dogs!

Even worse though are those idiot dog owners who do take some bags with them, pick up the poo and then leave the bags complete with poo in a nice little pile on the beach somewhere.. What’s the point of that? I know what, rather than just leaving dog poo on the beach I’ll put it in a nice plastic, non-biodegradable bag so that it hangs around on the beach for 10 times as long.. Very clever!

Stop it, stop it, stop it!

Maybe its time to start reporting people. Who’s with me on this?

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  1. Shem says:

    Its annoyed me for years Al. Its a regular occurance over Aberdyfi side to. I even saw one person put a turd in a bag, then throw the bag in teh sea!!! Shocking, idiots!

  2. Shem says:

    Oh and Al, take photos using a big lens, then report the people and get a £1000 fine stuck on them, Ive asked a few people to pick up there dog mess, some really take offence at being asked!

    • Alan says:

      I’ve asked people to clear up behind them too… Kind of scary doing it though, but it makes you feel good when they sheepishly have to do it!… I’ve even offered them a bag when i’ve asked them to clear it up… No excuses then!

  3. baxterglen says:

    being a former dog owner, i always picked it up. its part of owning a dog, you just have to do it.

  4. Dave says:

    I have joined in several of the beach cleans (that Sarah helps to organise) and am really sick of picking this stuff up. At Ynyslas they feel that they can leave their bags around the buildings on the edge of the golf course and there are some who just dump the bags on the path. I don’t know who they expect to clear up their mess for them, but it shouldn’t need local volunteers to do it.

    There was uproar in Borth when the local council extended the area of the dog ban on the beach (not that everyone pays attention to the dog ban anyway), but it is this sort of behaviour that requires that we have one.

    Most dog owners are responsible, but the problem is that the ones that aren’t can also be agressive if anyone asks them to clear up their mess. A friend of mine (Martyn) asked some guy in Borth to clear up and the guy turned very aggressive, what can you do in those circumstances?

  5. Alan says:

    Don’t worry, I wasn’t suggesting that ALL dog owners were idiots, most are responsible and do clear up after their dogs, but as with anything, its the irresponsible few that ruin it for the masses.

    Same for people who leave any sort of rubbish around really.

    Hopefully we can shame these few into doing the right thing. If they aren’t careful, someone could get really upset about it and try extending the dog ban on Borth beach even further!

    As Dave says, its bad enough that local volunteers have to clear up rubbish washed in from the sea, they shouldn’t have to clear up stuff (I’m being polite there) deliberately left by people walking their dogs. Surely these people walk their dogs on the beach because its such a nice place.. What on earth possesses them to ruin that by leaving bags of poo on it? I just don’t get it… I can only surmise that they must be stupid!

  6. Jon says:

    Don’t be polite Al – Follow them home and shit on their lawns. That should do the trick.

  7. My semi-random thoughts….

    I’m guessing it’s quite feasible for a dog to go running over a dune, have a sneaky crap and come bounding back – while the owner is walking the other way – and other animals are equally capable of crapping everywhere (e.g sheep / badgers / foxes etc). So presumably some small percentage will get missed. Having said that, it doesn’t take long to figure out your dog’s toilet habits – and know roughly when in the day he’s likely to do it.

    Personally, I clean up after mine if he does it on a pavement / road / park with cut grass – and have a permanently attached bag of poop bags in my pocket. On the other hand, I don’t see much point in cleaning up after him in a farm field.. and whether I would on a beach would probably depend on whether there are signs or whether I expect the area to be used by others.

    Behind our house there are two overgrown fields (which houses will probably be build on soon) – the grass isn’t cut, brambles and trees are quickly taking over – so I see no point in picking up after him there. I’ve never seen any other dog owner pick up after their dog on there either.

    Hopefully that’s vaguely understandable.

    I definitely don’t understand people who pick it up, and then leave the bag lying around. I’ve seen it in many places – although oddly most in Aberystwyth and Walsall. No one seems to do it around Bromsgrove (thank god).


    • Alan says:

      David… Good to have a dog owner reply to this. I can understand that in some instances as a dog owner you wouldn’t necessarily feel the need to clean up after your dog. As you say, in a farm field and maybe on a deserted beach. Even on a beach such as Borth below the high tide mark maybe, but I’m sure as a responsible owner you’d clean up after your dog on a footpath or a part of the beach where people / children play.

      As I said before, with such things it is usually the minority who tarnish the reputations of the majority. Although< I have to say in this case I'm not si sure. I'd like to think that was true, but in all honesty I think it may be a sad fact that most dog owners don't actually clean up after their dogs.

      As far as leaving plastic bags of poo goes though, there just isn't any excuse anywhere. Apparently the dog owners seem to think there should be a dog poo bin at Ynyslas and therefore leave the bags of poo as a protest. Quite who would the expect to pay for the bin and empty it I don't know, but just because there isn't a bin doesn't mean they should leave their rubbish on the beach.

      No sensible person would leave rubbish of any other sort just lying around in a 'beauty spot', and dog owners should respect the same rules.

      I wonder how easy it actually is to report the perpertrators. I may have found myself a little project!

  8. Gary says:

    Alternatively, pick up the bag for them without being seen and follow them to the car, when they are not looking ( not the easy part ) wedge the bag under their rear wiper, then when they use it and look through their rear view mirror, they may get the message LOL !!!

  9. Lesley says:

    Same problem here in Aberystwyth. I used to get sick of seeing people walk their dogs on the beach just to let them s**t everywhere and walk away. They didn’t like being shouted at and told to pick it up either. You only need to get their registration number and proof that they have done the dirty and, as has already been mentioned, they will get a fine.

    I was having picnic with a friend at Ynyslas a few weeks ago when three car loads of people turned up with five dogs between them, every one of those dogs had at least one dump on the parking area where people were sitting! YUK

    Until the councils do more about it the problem is not going to go away. The dog warden is hardly ever seen.. what do they do all day?

    And don’t get me started on the dog owners who think its fair to let their dogs roam around on the cycle track!

    btw I am not anti dogs.. just irresponsible owners.

    Rant over. 🙂

  10. Ian Cowe says:


    I quite agree – Forestry Commission has real trouble at many visitor centre entrances with plastic bags left by irresponsible owners. Bins are expensive to empty and maintain and obscure the natural landscape, owners should be responsible and clean up after their dogs (completely – not leaving bags) and not expect others to do so and/or pay for waste removal!

    Hope you are feeling better.


    • Alan says:

      So they do it in the forest too!

      Feeling much better now thanks Ian… Although still having to take it easy for a few weeks. Mind you, sitting on the beach with a camera trying to identify idiot dog owners shouldn’t be too stressful!

  11. Mary says:

    Disgusting, they should be ashamed of themselves.

  12. Alan says:

    Assuming someone managed to identify an individual leaving the bags of poo and wanted to report it, who would they report it to?

    It’s all well and good having signs saying that there is a £1000 fine for allowing your dog to foul, but how is this enforced?

    According to Keep Britain Tidy, they say:

    “If you have information about a dog fouling you could report it to the police, the local council or a dog warden, but it is up to them to decide whether they wished to proceed any further. Whilst it is possible to take a private prosecution, it would be at a person’s own expense and you will need strong evidence to prove your case in court.”

  13. Anna says:

    Info on who to contact can be found here (although it took a while to find this!)

    In short, you can contact the dog warden on 01545 572151 or Environmental Health and Housing for dog fouling issues on 01545 572275

    Pick up that phone

  14. Anonymous says:

    That’s all well and good, but how do you know who the person is and how do you prove it?

    It should be them picking up the poo, not us picking up the phone!

  15. Helen says:

    I am visiting Ynyslas for a week and will have my dog with me, I am a reponsible dog owner and would never dream of leaving dog mess or the bags anywhere. It’s completely shameful that people do.

    I know there are places prohibiting dogs until the 30th September, can somebody tell me where the dog friendly areas of borth and ynyslas are as I have never been to this part of Wales and do not want to disturb local wildlife and/or break any rules.

    • Alan says:

      Hi Helen,
      You can go anywhere in Ynyslas with your dog and most places in Borth too. The ban on dogs only affects the southern end of the beach between the cliff and the Youth Hostel.

      Enjoy your visit.

  16. Alan says:

    This may help a little, lets hope lots of people (and dog owners) turn up.

    Ynyslas Beach Clean:

    DATE: Sunday 27/09/2009
    EVENT: Ynyslas Beach Clean – Come and join our ‘Keep Wales Tidy’ beach clean. Free tea and biscuits for everyone.
    TIME: 13.00
    VENUE: Ynyslas Visitor Centre
    PHONE: 01970 872900

  17. Alison says:

    I’ve only had my dog in Aberystwyth for a few weeks so far and already have noticed the same problem. I have come to the conclusion that people cannot be bothered to pick up one of the countless plastic bags they no doubt have lying around their house and take it with them just in case. (i always keep a few in my pocket, but it’s a little upsetting since they are not usually biodegradable). As for dog poo bins, It would definately be useful to have a few more dotted about, but i’m sure we’ll be glad of it come winter (…hand-warmers…). I seem to get strange looks for getting the bag out whenever my dog chooses an innappropriate place to do his thang… makes me wonder if people would prefer me to just leave it there.
    You only need to look around at the dogs running all over the place as a matter of course to realise that if the owners can’t be bothered to properly train their dogs, they sure as hell aren’t going to bother cleaning up after them!

  18. Rich Brady says:

    I’m a dog owner and I feel your pain. There’s no excuse when it comes to letting your dog foul in a public area.

    It’s only a small % of dog owners (at least I’d like to think it’s only a small %). I have the problem at home, some one allows there dog to foul on my front garden for God’s sake…

    In the past, I’ve been known to offer a dog walker a bag when it’s very clear they don;t intend to pick it up. 😉

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