Lions in Borth

Early Morning Cycle

Once again, no one else was silly enough to join me on an early morning bike ride in the rain, so I headed out just after 5:30am on my own. It was actually quite warm on Sunday morning but still raining and with a fairly strong wind too. Seeing as I usually cycle from Machynlleth and tend therefore to ride north of home I headed south for a change today. First into Aberystwyth, then out along the middle road through Trawsgoed and onto Pontrhydfendigaid. It was still dark when I got there, but there was at least a bit of light in the sky as I headed on past Cors Caron and into Tregaron. This was about the halfway point and time to head into the mist and the murk as I reached my highest point around Penuwch. It was horrible up here, raining, misty and with a strong sidewind so I was looking forward to turning right onto the road to Llangwyryfon. Once I did, I not only had a tail wind at last, but it was generally downhill all the way back into Llanilar and then flat to get home. Total ride time was 4 hours 18 minutes and I covered 63.6 miles at a very slow average speed of 14.8 mph.

These winter miles are always very slow. The dark, the wet, the wind all slow you down, as do the extra layers and waterproof jackets that flap about in the wind. Those are my excuses anyway as 14.8 mph is terrible. It didn’t feel easy either.

Lions in Borth

Back at home and it was time for a quick bath before we went off into Borth for a family walk along the muddy path past St Matthews Church and then around the Animalarium for a quick glimpse at the Lions. We hadn’t been here since there were lions in Borth so it was good to go and check them out. Obviously without paying to go in we could only see them from a distance, but we could see both the male and the female. We’d taken the binoculars with us specially and could actually get quite a good look at them. Who’d have thought there would be lions in Borth.

We then wandered back around to the seafront and back to the car, bought some supplies in the shop and then headed home for a well deserved bacon and egg bap and a snooze on the sofa. I think by then I’d earned it.

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