Ivor’s Back – Spring is on its way

Windsurfing in the estuary at Ynyslas

I’ve just got back from a nice little windsurf session in the estuary here at Ynyslas. Ivor, our local katabatic wind was up to his usual tricks with a decent NE wind funbelling down through the valley at up to 25 knots. And this was  despite the fact that the forecast was for winds of 5-6 knots. Lovely.

The wind wasn’t quite up to its usual strength, but it is still pretty early in the year so I think Ovir was just warming up. Hopefully we’ll get some really good winds in the spring.

With the sun shining it was pretty warm out there as well. I had my 5/3mm wetsuit on and boots and a hood but if anything I was a little too hot whilst on the water.

There was something going on at the visitor centre car park though. Four police cras were in attendance and the car park was closed off with ‘Crime Scene’ tape all around it and a police officer at either end preventing anyone from entering it. Anyone know what’s happened?

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  1. Mark says:

    Too hot whilst on the water? You must be mad, it’s freezing out there.


    • Alan says:

      I know it sounds mad, but I was pretty hot with my wetsuit on… It did help that I didn’t actually get wet and with the sun shining and the physical nature of windsurfing it keeps you pretty warm.

      The kitesurfers were complaining about the cold though.


  2. Alan says:

    Apparently the police were there as they had found a body ion the car park… Nothing on the news about it as yet though.


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