Windsurfing at Ynyslas, Courtesy of Ivor!

Ynyslas Estuary

Ynyslas Estuary

Just got back from a lovely windsurf session in the estuary at Ynyslas. Its that time of year when Ivor, our local katabatic wind is on top form and with a gentle NE wind forecast and sunny skies he was up to his usual tricks. Funneling down the valley at 30-35 knots making for perect windsurfing conditions in the estuary.

Ivor usually peaks at around 8.30 and today was no exception. The Weather Station recorded a maximum gust of 30.6 knots at exactly 8.30am. The weather station isn’t directly in Ivor’s path though as the wind is very localised so it would have been an extra 10 knots or so on top of that in the estuary.

I was on the water before 8am and had a 5 star session. Well powered up the whole time and making some super fast speed runs on the flat water to the lee of the sand banks. I forgot my GPS though so don’t know wuite how fast I was going, but on kit that isn’t built for speed it certainly felt fast.

Back to work now, but this is exactly why I live ‘A Simple Life of Luxury’ as  a Freelance Website Designer in Wales as it allows me to indulge in  spontaneous windsurf sessions whenever the conditions allows.

Once I got off the water I took a few photos of Nick with my new camera. He went out kitesurfing for  5 minutes but then decided it was too windy to be out there on his own.

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