Sunny Bank Holiday

I can’t quite believe it… Gorgeous sunshine on a Bank Holiday weekend. That can only mean one thing, a busy beach – busier in fact than we’ve ever seen it. Not to worry, we’ll soon have it back to ourselves.

Busy Beach at Ynyslas

Busy Beach at Ynyslas

It was great weather for the Aber Cycle Fest as well. There were four Sportives taking place on Sunday ranging from 26 to 106 miles. I didn’t join in properly as I like to get out early, but I did ride the route of the 62 mile Y Mynach Sportive at a nice slow pace before anyone else did. I had to contend with damp roads and a 30 knot headwind for the first 11 miles though which I don’t think was a problem for those who started at the proper time. At least I was home by 10:30am so had plenty of time to enjoy the amazing weather.

We took a walk along the beach, but decided it was best to avoid the crowds and relax in the garden instead. Things are looking nice and there’s plenty of colour. We checked on the bees whilst in the garden and they seem to be doing well, I think we will split them later in the week.

It’s even looking nice down around the apiary and at the bottom of the garden which is a spot that I rarely show you here. It has compost bins, waste heaps and piles of grass clipping everywhere and not much in the was of sunlight either so it’s not the showiest area but I’ve been growing  Lavatera and Comfrey here the last couple of years to hide some of the more ‘ugly’ spots and it’s working well. The Irises and Crocosmia seem to be doing a little better down here now as well.

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