Very Autumnal Weather

After a slightly extended summer that seemed to last until November, we been having some decidedly autumnal weather over the past few days. The whole of the country and West Wales in particular has taken quite a battering from first Storm Abigail and then Storm Barney. My bike ride on Sunday morning was notable due to it’s wet and wild nature and then we had a proper storm on Tuesday night with the Borth weather station recording maximum gusts of 63.7 knots and some fairly sustained wind speeds too, with a new record 10 minute average of 59.2 knots.

Autumnal Weather Wind Data

Autumnal Weather

Autumnal Weather

Pretty windy by anyone’s standards!

Last night wasn’t exactly calm either with gusts up to 53.1 knots as well. Just about windy enough to call for subtitles on the TV as we are unable to hear it over the howling of the wind outside. I’m glad I went out and strapped down the beehives before the main onslaught though. It’s a little calmer out there now, but it looks as though we are due some more autumnal weather on Friday night and then some more again next Tuesday – Well, what would you expect other than autumnal weather? – It is autumn afterall.

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  1. mum says:

    It’s been quite bad here too a neighbours fence has blown down and Trudis play house was blown right across the garden and is currently wedged in the bushes, apparently it will be staying there until it stops raining and blowing a gale before she attempts to venture out to rescue it !

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