Geocaching on the Isle of Man

We’ve just got back from a trip to the Isle of Man and as we flew over rather than going on the boat I didn’t have any windsurfing kit with me so we did lots of geocaching instead.

The Assume Nothing series by Happy Humphrey kept us busy as did a few other caches. El Presidente involved a lovely walk from the sound to a nice big cache with some gorgeous sea views. The Long Way Round was a nice multi-stage cache with the final hiding place giving me a nice coastal walk in the sunshine.

I spent a few hours walking from one side of the island to the other (Douglas to Peel) along the Heritage Trail and found all 15 caches of the Heritage Trail Series in the process, and despite getting a little wet at one stage had an enjoyable time finding the caches and walking the trail. We did a few other caches as well and as always, geoaching took us to places we’d never been before, gave us some interesting information that we didn’t know and provided us with reasons to go to areas we just wouldn’t have gone to

If you’re planning a geocaching holiday then the Isle of Man would be a good choice of destination.. A high density of caches. We were rarely (if ever) more than 2 miles from a cache and there are caches to suit all tastes, from really easy roadside caches such as the one we found at Derby Haven, multi stage caches with a fair bit of walking involved, plenty of cache series to get stuck into and some devilish puzzle caches if that’s your thing. The fact that it is an island also means that you could, if you have the time, set yourself the goal of finding all the caches on the island… I’m not sure how many there are and it would be a challenge, but what better way to see the island and learn about its history?

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    Hi. I work for BBC Isle of Man.

    I am very interested in learning more about you trip to the island.

    Could you please contact me at [email address removed]

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