A Geocaching FTF

I noticed yet another new geocache in the area on Wednesday. I took a look at it but it was a puzzle and as I was feeling ill I didn’t really have the brain power to solve it. I sent it to Anna as an e-mail and pretty soon she had an answer for me, so I had no choice but to go out and see if I could get an FTF (First to Find) on it.

You can see the geocache listing here, but the puzzle was a ‘rail-fence cipher’ that looked like this:

Rail-Fence Cipher

Rail-fence Cipher

I won’t give too much away but Anna worked out some co-ordinates from it and I set off to find them. As it happened I approached from the wrong direction and ended up about 100 metres from the location but with several streams to cross, a couple of fences to climb over and a bramble stand to plough through. Such things wouldn’t get in my way of an FTF so I jumped a stream, climbed over some pipes across another stream, scrambled my way through the brambles, climbed the fence and eventually found the cache, complete with its pristine logbook – It was an FTF for me!

A good joint effort caching adventure with Anna as the brain and me scrambling about in the countryside.

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