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Off for a surf 1

A Tour of North Wales – Surf Snowdonia

Once again we were having a ‘pre-weeked weekend away’ – We’re enjoying these, a couple of days away before the weekend and then a weekend to chill and get on top of chores at home. After a day at Bodnant Gardens, Conwy and Llandudno on Thursday we drove back along the A55 in the pouring rain...

Surf Tracker App 8

SUP Surfing with the Garmin Fenix 3

I managed to squeeze in a nice little SUP Surfing session on Monday and decided to try out the Surf Tracker app on my Garmin Fenix 3. The conditions were nice, a gentle SW breeze and 2 foot surf rolling into the beach at Ynyslas. The sun was shining, the temperature was almost 20ºC but...

Surfing 0

Scouts – Adventure Badge

As I mentioned the other day, the Scouts are beginning to get used to Anna and I  and I think they secretly like the fact that we are their leaders. Things are obviously easier for us over the summer in some respects as the light evenings mean that we can actually get out and do...

Surfing The Bar, Whangamata 1

Surfing ‘Da Bar’, Crazy Golf and Kawhia – New Zealand Day 12

It was the day of the K2 race around Coramandel today. I’d found out a little bit about it now. It was a 200km hard core hilly bike race around the Coramandel Peninsula. The start location and route change from year to year and with the hot sun and the hilly route this years looked...

Eskimo Surfer 1

Eskimo Surf Session

Just got back from a surf session – Yep, it was cold! The waves were really nice though so it had to be done. I’d like to say that it was lovely out there and once I was in the water it wasn’t that cold, but that would be lying. My hands were in agony...

Borth Surf 1


As well as the wind being good, the surf is going off too.

Surf at Ynyslas 0

Borth and Ynyslas Perfection

As per usual, the children go back to school and the weather is gorgeous. According to the Borth and Ynyslas Weather Station it was the 2nd warmest day of the year, the warmest being back in May. Not only that but the surf was really good yesterday as well. It wasn’t huge but it was...

Time tio hit the waves 0

Gone Surfing

It was a gorgeous Bank Holiday Monday here. Clear blue skies saw the temperature drop to 4ºC over night but the sun was up early and it soon warmed up. With no wind at all it was a perfect day for the beach. My parents were still here along with my sister and her children...

An active day 0

An active day

I don’t seem to have stopped for the past few days, so its now time to start catching up with the blog posts containing details of what we’ve been up to. It all started on Wednesday for me. Up nice and early and did the usual housework, washing up, laundry, cleaning and vacuuming whilst Anna...

Wave Pool 0

Wave Pool

I wonder if we can get planning permission for one of these in the back garden.