Time for a New Bike

No, unfortunately it’s not for me, as I stopped growing many years ago and therefore have no legitimate justification for a new bike every couple of years. Morgan on the other hand is still growing and therefore has.

Thankfully the Isla Bike , a Beinn 20 Large, that we bought for him two years ago was still in good condition and being such good bikes they hold their value well. They cost £300 new but were selling 2nd hand on eBay for around £250. Morgan had outgrown his thugh so it was time to sell it and get a new one. We managed to sell Morgan’s locally which made life easier, and sold it complete with a spare set of tyres and water bottle cage for the full £250. That means Morgan has £250 towards a new Isla Bike – This time a larger Beinn 26 Small.

New Bike for Morgan

New Bike for Morgan

Isla Bikes are by far the best bikes you can get for kids. Lightweight, good quality and with some sensible design features just for kids. He’ll need off-road tyres for it, but as it has full size wheels I have some spares in the shed that he can have.

Morgan is quite excited as it has full size ‘adult’ wheels. He’s picked the same colour frame as before so other than the larger wheels and slightly larger frame will be pretty much the same spec-wise as his previous bike. No doubt it’ll take him a few rides to get the hang of it as it will handle differently to his old bike due to the larger wheels and the fact that he won’t be able to throw it around quite so well as he won’t be too big for it.

Hopefully we’ll get out at Coed y Brenin on it soon with him, and who knows. maybe I can start growing again so that I can get a new bike as well!


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  1. Avatar forComment Author mum says:

    Does growing outwards count, I’m sure you could manage that!

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