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PDF to PNG Automator 1

PDF to PNG Automator Script – Batch Processing

A bit of a geeky post for you today and a quick and easy way to batch process a PDF to PNG’s using Automator. In fact it allows you to batch process a multi-page pdf file¬†into a number of image types if you wish. You may think this is a bit of an obscure thing...

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Onyx 1

Upgrading to Mac OSX Mavericks

As a self-confessed ‘Mac Fan Boy’ and a surfer, when Apple announced that the latest incarnation of OSX would be named ‘Mavericks’ after a famous big wave surf break in California I really¬†couldn’t resist upgrading to the latest operating system. When they announced last week that the upgrade would be free then I was sold....

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Mountain Lion at Last

Amazon.co.uk Widgets I’ve finally caught up with the rest of the Mac World by upgrading my iMac to run the latest Apple operating system Mountain Lion (OX 10.8). I had several reasons for waiting so long to do so. First was the fact that Snow Leopard (OS 10.6) was running perfectly well on my machine....

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Mac Accounting Software – All Change 15

Mac Accounting Software – All Change

I’m having a bit of a dilemma here. I’ve been using MYOB Business Basics for many years as my accounting package of choice on my Mac. I wrote a blog post about it back in April 2006 (Mac Accounting Software) and started using the software soon afterwards. Since then it has been working well and...

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Tabs in TotalFInder 3

Dual Pane, Tabbed Finder – TotalFinder vs Path Finder

As a bit of an Apple fan-boy it’s not often that I moan about the short-comings of Apple products, the Mac or OSX, but one thing that I’ve wanted for a while in the Finder is tabbed windows and a dual pane function. Tabbed Windows We’ve all got used to tabbed windows in our web-browsers....

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New iMac – Set up and Migration

I finally got around to setting up my new iMac on Wednesday. A new computer had been on the cards for a while as mine was 5-6 years old and I do use it everyday in a professional capacity as a freelance website designer. I’ve always been a Mac user, starting way back with a...

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Which Mac shall I get!!! 3

Which Mac shall I get!!!

Amazon.co.uk Widgets I know, I know, now isn’t the time to buy and don’t worry I shall wait until WWDC in June just in case anything new is announced, but my Dual processor G5 Powermac is feeling a little long in the tooth now so I shall be upgrading soon. The G5 actually does everything...

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Mac Training Software Review

I’ve recently decided to try to get a little fitter again, so as well as buying some gadgets I wanted some software to track my progress (or lack of progress as it may turn out to be). I’ve been looking at various applications for the Mac and evaluating them so thought I’d share my thoughts...

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