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The Ynyslas Canal 0

21st Century at Ynyslas

We seem to be moving ever closer to the 21st Century at Ynyslas… First we leap-frogged most people in the UK by getting Superfast broadband via a direct Fibre to the Property (FTTP) connection rather than the standard Fibre to the Cabinet connection that most people with Superfast Broadband have. Before that we were on...

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Speed Test After 1

Fibre to the Property

At last, we have Fibre to the Property (FTTP) Broadband, and it seems to be working well. If you read my previous post on this matter you’ll know that BT somehow managed to mess up our order so it took a couple of months to actually get it. But, now, finally we are living life...

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Superfast FTTP is available 7

BT Broadband Ball Ups

As you know, we’ve been struggling with slow broadband here for years now with no real sign of Superfast Broadband coming any time soon. Download speeds are around 2Mbps, Upload speeds a crippling 0.2Mbps. Then, all of a sudden in July we discovered that we could get Fibre to the Property (FTTP). Fibre to the...

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Broadband Speed 0

An Early Christmas Present

Woohooo, it seems as though the telecommunications gods have given us an early Christmas present… The fastest Broadband we’ve ever had – a whopping 3.3Mbps. OK, it’s not that great but it has at least allowed me to stream and watch the entire Red Bull Storm Chase video without any buffering – not in HD...

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Speedtest 7

A Summer Hiatus – Silver Bands and Broadband

I’m hoping that isn’t the end of summer but yesterday’s evening swim was definitely less summery than of late and it’s raining again this morning. I even had to put a jacket on after my swim in Aberystwyth last night as it was getting quite chilly and we had to put the headlights on during the drive home...

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Day 4 of Summer 1

Summer – Day 4

Day 4 of Summer dawned with clear blue skies and plenty of promise. Lots of work to do today though so once again it was an early start in order to fit it all in. Blogging, cleaning, vacuuming, breakfast, stretching, working on websites and then off to a local business to work on their invoicing...

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The Route of all my Problems 2

The Route of all my Problems

Maybe ‘all’ of my problems is a slight exaggeration but we’d been gradually having various home network issues here. Our home computer network isn’t that complicated but it is convenient to have it all up and running as it should do. We have a broadband connection wired from the phone line to a Belkin router....

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Downed Telephone Pole 0

Telephone Woes

Our telephone woes continue – Crackly line and virtually no internet connection most of the time. Mind you, this could have something to do with it.

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