Tree Roots on the Beach in Wales

  • Borth Beach
    Borth Beach
  • Submerged Forest
    Submerged Forest
  • Tree Roots
    Tree Roots
  • Excavated Forest
    Excavated Forest
  • Labelled Stumps
    Labelled Stumps

After torrential rains in the morning, Morgan and I were supposed to be going mountain biking on Saturday afternoon, but as the skies cleared and the sun came out Morgan couldn’t be bothered so instead I decided to go for a walk along the beach into Borth to get some bread and milk.

It turned out to be a glorious afternoon with a few people out strolling in the sunshine. The sea was calm, there was very little wind and although cold it was lovely out on the beach.

The submerged forest is still well exposed at the moment so I investigated a few stumps and tree roots on the beach as I walked past.

It was interesting to see that the contractors installing Phase II of the sea defences have been busy labelling each of the stumps. I’m not sure why but they seem to label the ones that they are about to excavate for the works – Maybe they try to put them back as close to the original spot as possible. They have a collection of excavated stumps and tree roots on top the beach too.

After popping into the shop I made my way back along the beach and had a phonecall from Anna and Morgan to say that they were now walking along the beach to meet me too. I therefore had some company for the last half mile or so of my walk.

You’ll also be pleased to hear that I did eventually manage to persuade Morgan out for a mountain bike ride on Sunday afternoon, although it took more than a little persuading – I don’t know why the boy is so lazy! He enjoys it once he’s out there.

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  1. mum says:

    We asked the workmen about the forest, and apparently they have get permission to move anything and to log it all!

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