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Oto and Shrimp 4

Aquascape Maturing

It seems as though I finally have an aquascape maturing. The new Otocinclus inhabitants seem to be making themselves at home and making friends with the shrimps. There are some red cherry shrimps in there too but we rarely see them. Aquascape Maturing The plants are growing well now and the addition of CO2 seems to...

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Trail Running Shoes 4

Trail Running

Trail Running has never been a forte of mine. For some reason as soon as the ground gets muddy, slippery, rocky, covered in leaves or even just a little damp I seem to slip and slide all over the place and just can’t stay on my feet. I end up having to walk or in many cases...

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A ride in Thermal Cycling Clothes 3

A Day for Thermal Cycling Clothes

On with the Thermal Cycling Clothes Thermals were the order of the day for my early morning cycle ride this morning. After a few weeks of torrential rain whilst cycling early on a Sunday I was quite looking forward to the forecast of dry but very cold. So, on went my thermal long-sleeved top, thermal 3/4...

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Weight trend 0

Weight Trend – Withings WS-50

Ooh, a new ‘Weight Trend’ screen has suddenly appeared on our Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyser Scales. Ok, it’s not ground breaking news but it’s still quite nice to get an update to a pair of scales without asking for it. Weight Trend Screen The new weight trend screen is displayed after the weight measurement screen...

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Wind Data 1

Very Autumnal Weather

After a slightly extended summer that seemed to last until November, we been having some decidedly autumnal weather over the past few days. The whole of the country and West Wales in particular has taken quite a battering from first Storm Abigail and then Storm Barney. My bike ride on Sunday morning was notable due to it’s wet...

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Wet and Wild Riding

I don’t usually train with other people, often because it doesn’t fit into my schedule or because other people don’t like to train at the same time as me, but recently I’ve started to organise an early morning ride on Sunday before the 9am swim session in Machynlleth pool. This means that we set off a 6:30am...

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The Road to Recovery – Getting in the Groove

After what has been a fairly disappointing year triathlon-wise for me, I finally feel as though I’m on the road to recovery and getting back in the groove. A plantar fasciitis injury after the first race of the year way back in April pretty much put me out of action for the whole race season....

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Aberystwyth Pier 1

Autumn Heat in Aberystwyth

It may be autumn, the trees are looking stunning in their autumn colours, but a new high record temperature for November in the UK was set yesterday. Temperatures in Trawsgoed, near Aberystwyth, reached 22.3ºC on Sunday, beating the previous record of 21.7ºC, seen in Prestatyn in 1946. We managed to make the most of it though. The...

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Blue-eyed Fish 3

Machynlleth Lantern Parade – The Angry Angler Fish

After entering the Machynlleth Lantern Parade last year we had more ambitious plans this year. The theme was ‘Under the Sea’ so we decided on a lantern fish. Our inspiration was something like this. Suitably ‘fishy’ and suitably ‘halloweeny’ at the same time and with a lantern dangling in front of it as a lure,...

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