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Morfa Nefyn to Glynllifon Coast Path Run

Coast Path Vital Stats Morfa Nefyn to Glynllifon Distance: 20.01 miles Elevation Gain Today: 810m Highest Elevation: 350m Time: 3:34:26 Av. Pace: 10:43 mins/mile Av. Heart Rate: 130bpm Max Heart Rate: 164bpm Calories: 1924 Totals to Date Total Distance: 192.98miles Total Time: 37:35:28 Total Elevation Gain: 6460m Total Calories: 19,216 Distance to go: 684 miles After and amazing day...

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Morgan racing 2

Aber Cycle Fest, Hotdogs on the Beach and a Xmas Dinner

Friday was a busy one for us as usual. A 75 minute, fairly tough turbo trainer session first thing for me (after an hour or so of work). Today’s session was Mount Hope -2 from TrainerRoad which consisted of 4x 10 minute threshold intervals. One just below threshold, one at threshold, one just above threshold...

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Inputted 0

Incorrect Input

Is it just me, or does this annoy you as well:   “you have inputted” Surely that’s not right?! In my mind, ‘input’ is a variation of the verb  ‘to put’ and the past tense of put is put, so the past tense of input should be input. “I shall put my foot in it...

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Coastal Scenery 6

Aberdaron to Morfa Nefyn Coast Path Run

Coast Path Vital Stats Aberdaron to Morfa Nefyn Distance: 24.51 miles Elevation Gain Today: 1062m Highest Elevation: 149m Time: 5:21:46 Av. Pace: 13:08 mins/mile Av. Heart Rate: 124bpm Max Heart Rate: 168bpm Calories: 2493 Totals to Date Total Distance: 177.93miles Total Time: 34:01:04 Total Elevation Gain: 5509m Total Calories: 17,292 Distance to go: 704 miles I’d postponed my Aberdaron...

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Tea Break 3

Garden Reconstruction

Morgan was at home ill on Monday, he wasn’t too bad but he was recovering from a nasty bout of diarrhea and sickness on Sunday, so I was housebound too. I did a fair bit of work first thing, then did an hour on the turbo trainer with some VO2max intervals courtesy of ‘Shortoff +1’ from...

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Water Feature in the Garden 2

Weekend Warriors

Another packed weekend for us with plenty to do, both recreationally and in the garden. It turned out quite productive though. A Morning Washout Saturday was a complete washout in the morning with dark skies and pouring rain, so after my usual chores and some work on the computer I jumped on the turbo trainer...

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Beekeeping in May 1

Beekeeping in May

May is the month where things really take off in Beekeeping. Colonies should be building up, the queen should be busy laying eggs, brood should be developing and emerging, the honey flow starts as more and more flowers are out and regular inspections become necessary in order to keep on top of swarming. With fertile drones...

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Adder ready to Strike 0

Snakes at Ynyslas

There’s almost always something interesting on my morning walk around the dunes. This morning it was the remnants of sand castles on the beach, the super-flat calm waters of the sea and an Adder. There are plenty of snakes in the dunes at Ynyslas, this one was out basking in the early morning sunshine.

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