New Challenges, New Trails

As you may have read from a previous blog post, I’ve signed up to do ‘The OMM’ later in the year. This could prove to be quite a challenge for me these days. I’m obviously never going to be as fit or fast as I used to be which won’t help. This is not only down to my heart issues but also the fact that I’m getting quite old! The heart, lungs, muscles, ligaments and tendons can’t quite do what they used to be able to. I think even my brain has finally decided to admit that too. Failing eyesight, balance and other such vital coordination skills aren’t quite what they used to be either.

That’s just the physical side of things though. I’ll have to brush up on my map-reading and navigation skills somewhat too. Not to mention my wild-camping and the ability to put up with some discomfort. I even feel the cold more than I used to thanks to my new medication regime. It would sound as though the odds are stacked against me, but I’ve never let that stop me.

Training Ground

All of the above means that preparation will be vital. That means getting out there and practising, getting fit and getting used to moving fast in the hills. Thankfully, Lawrence who I’ll be doing it with is keen to train as well. He lives out on top of the Cambrian Mountains in a house that is somewhat remote. The perfect training ground, especially on a cold and very windy Sunday morning. So, you’ve guessed it, that’s exactly where we were on Sunday morning.

Our house in the sand dunes is more appropriate for Marathon des Sable training – if you ignore the temperature that is. Nope, don’t even think about it, I’m not doing it, the Marathon des Sable is not for me!!!

Running in the Cambrian Mountains

The wind was whipping across the exposed mountain tops bringing with it sleet and hail from time to time. The sun (not that you could see it) had just risen. We could at least see where we were going, even if it was somewhat grey. We set off onto new trails for me, heading up onto the exposed, rounded tops of the Cambrian Mountains. I know the area a little bit, but obviously not as well as Lawrence so he led the way pointing out things as we went. I’d had a slightly sore knee so we weren’t aiming for any distance today, just an easy-paced run on some trails. Talk was however of runs across the Cambrian Mountains to Nant y Moch, Plynlimon and Nant yr Arian. Also over-nighters to get used to our camping kit. I think we’ll save those for a little later in our preparation.

There seemed to be a headwind all the way. It didn’t matter which way we were facing the wind was spiralling around in the valley and blowing in our faces most of the time. We stopped briefly for a few photos at the turnaround point then retraced out steps a little way before heading off towards Glaslyn and then back to Lawrences house.

The perfect start to a Sunday morning. Something tells me I’ll be getting to know this part of the Cambrian Mountains quite well over the coming weeks.

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