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Manx End2End Preparations 0

Manx End2End Preparations

As per usual my next ‘race’ has come around sooner than anticipated – The Isle of Man End2End Challenge take place this weekend. It’s a 75km mountain bike race from the Northern tip of the Isle of Man to the Southern tip with plenty of big hills in between. I’m not actually ‘racing it’ and...

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Camping and Cycling in Abergavenny 0

Camping and Cycling in Abergavenny

After an epic family weekend away camping at the CRC MTB Marathon in Marshbrook last year we thought we’d do it again this year. The CRC MTB Marathons and Road Sportives provide a really good atmosphere, loads of people all into bikes camping in a big field and then riding lots. It ends up like a mini-festival but everyone...

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Mountain Biking Morgan

It was the last day of the school holidays today – well, actually it was an inset day but Morgan is back to school tomorrow. As the sun was shining and Morgan was at home with me I took the day off work and we headed up to Pendam for some mountain biking action. Morgan...

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Don’t Let The Weather Beat You. 0

Don’t Let The Weather Beat You.

After my run in disgusting weather yesterday morning, I didn’t stop there. I did lots of work and then headed across to the beach in the afternoon for a nice windsurf session. It was a little gusty to start with but perfect in the gusts with some big waves out the back as well. It...

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Stargazing Live at Nant yr Arian 0

Stargazing Live at Nant yr Arian

Following on from the BBC Stargazing Live programmes, there was an event at Nant yr Arian yesterday organised by the Physics Department at the university, so we booked onto it and had been looking forward to it for a while. Our plan was to get there mid afternoon, have a mountain bike ride / walk...

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Bike Stand 0

Back on the Bike

It’s been ages since I’ve been out on my mountain bike – 3 months to be precise as the last time I was out was the Coed y Brenin Enduro back at the beginning of October. I finally got back out there today though with a quick spin around the Summit Trail and Hippity Hop...

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Boys Toys for Xmas 1

Boys Toys for Xmas

Morgan and I have just got back from playing with his ‘Boys Toys’ at Nant yr Arian. I took him out on a nice ride on his lovely new bike. He needs to get used to it still but once he has, it’ll be much better than his old one. He also had a skateboard...

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Coed y Brenin 0

Coed y Brenin

Saturday was an absolutely glorious autumn day. I did manage to spend some time outdoors, doing some gardening and maintenance on the water feature, but also spent a few hours indoors at the ABKA Honey Show. I was therefore dying to get out in the sunshine and ride my bike so decided to go to...

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