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A lovely morning swim 0

Summertime in Wales

The sunshine really does make things nicer. Borth and Ynyslas are nice all the time, even when it’s blowing a gale and pouring with rain it has a certain, exposed charm all of its own, but when the sun is out and ‘the living is easy’ it can’t be beat. These last few days have...

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No Time For Work 2

No Time For Work

Well, I had a busy day yesterday and despite initial reports I did actually do some work. In fact I did a bit first thing in the morning along with some housework, but as the wind was once again blowing a hoolie I was on the beach rigging up my windsurfing kit by about 8:30am....

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Here we go... 6

Shrewsbury Triathlon 2011 – Race Report

I competed in the Shrewsbury Triathlon yesterday and had a great day out. This was the first time that the  Shrewsbury Triathlon Club (Sy TRI) had organised the event, but they had thought of everything. They had a good setting for it, good swim, bike and run routes and from my point of view everything...

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Swim Track 0

Sea Swimming – Effects of the Tide

I’m loving my open water swimming at the moment. There’s no need to go really hard, just nice steady swims in the sunshine. I’ve just got back from another swim on the seafront here at Ynsylas. I can swim at pretty much any state of the tide and there isn’t usually too much of a...

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Hardwick Triathlon: 3 Lessons in Triathlon Preparation 1

Hardwick Triathlon: 3 Lessons in Triathlon Preparation

Here we go again, another triathlon to compete in on Sunday and the excuses are coming thick and fast. I’m competing in the Hardwick Triathlon in Tewkesbury tomorrow, but thanks to my recent lack of training due to torn ligaments in my ankle I was expecting it to be more of a training session and...

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Making the most of an Injury 0

Making the most of an Injury

The torn ligaments in my ankle have been driving me nuts. Actually, to be more accurate it’s the inability to get out training that’s driving me nuts so the other day I decided to try an easy session on the turbo trainer. The idea was that if it did hurt too much I could easily...

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Exercise – It’s not good for you! 13

Exercise – It’s not good for you!

I’m supposed to be competing in a 1km swim in Lake Bala on Saturday. A few fellow members of the INTR Tri club are coming along too as are some people from swimfit. The swim is organised byt he British Long Distance Swimming Association. I say ‘supposed’ to be doing it because I managed to...

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Hill Reps Heart Rate 0

Cycling – Hill Reps

One of the good things about having someone else write a training plan for you is that it gets you out doing things you might otherwise not have done. Last week it was pounding up and down the cliff path doing running hill reps. This week it was more hill reps, but on my bike. The prescribed session was...

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Hill Reps 1

Hill Reps

A part of my training my ‘coach’ has prescribed some hill reps to spice up my running and help build some strength. I was quite looking forward to them really as it all helps add some variety to the training sessions and gives me a bit of a challenge. They were supposed to be 75...

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Wotton Triathlon 2011 0

Wotton Triathlon 2011

Well, it’s almost upon us again, this weekend sees the 2nd ever Wotton Triathlon, and once again I’m supposed to be ‘competing’. I was talked into it last year by my sister, at which time it was my first triathlon for about 20 years. I did OK though coming first overall which can’t be bad....

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Triathlon Checklist 1

Triathlon Checklist

I’ve got a triathlon to do tomorrow so it’s time to write myself a checklist for the kit I’ll need to pack in the car. There’s no point keeping it to myself though so here it is in case you need it as well. Swim Tri-suit Goggles Spare goggles just in case – I’m good at...

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More Hilly Running 0

More Hilly Running

I’m doing well following the training regime set by my coach. I think I’ve even got used to the hilly runs that he has been setting me to do. The first one I did about a month ago was pretty tough, but since then I’ve been sticking with it and even increasing the distance a...

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