Revised Racing Schedule

I suddenly seem to have more events and races planned than I thought, although the relative importance of these has changed.

July 15th – Bristol Harbourside Triathlon. This was an ‘A’ priority race as it is a World Championship qualifying race, but having already qualified it will now be a fairly unimportant race for me. I won’t be peaking for it or even tapering for it, I’ll just train through it and will actually just be coming off base-level training as well. I’m sure I’ll still go fairly hard on the day as some friends and family are doing it so I’ll want to beat them and it would also be nice to do a fairly good time just to prove to myself that I deserved to qualify for the world championships at the Big Cow Triathlon. However, I won’t be in race form so I’ll just have to see how well it goes.

August 4th – CRC Mountain Marathon, Abergavenny. I never take MTB events that seriously and just intend to use them as a long training day and have fun. That’s exactly what I’ll be doing here.

August 5th – Vitus Sportive, Abergavenny. Again, this will just be a long training ride for me.

September 9th – Isle of Man End 2 End. Another MTB race so not really a race as far as I am concerned, but it is a long hard day in the saddle. My brother is riding it this year as well, so I may take it easy and stay with him, or I may just ride it at my own pace without going too mad.

September 16th – Rother Valley. I haven’t decided whether or not to do this yet. It’s a qualifying race for the 2013 European Triathlon Championships so it would be nice to give it a go and try to qualify. However, it’s only a week after the Isle of Man E2E and if I’m trying to qualify it would have to become an ‘A’ priority race. If I peak for this and then have a couple of weeks easy it will impact on my performance in the World Championships. Also, if I do qualify I don’t know if we can afford to go to Turkey to compete next year anyway.

October 22nd – ITU Age Group World Championships, Auckland. In theory this should now be an ‘A’ priority race just because its the World Championships and I shall be travelling to the other side of the globe to compete for Team GB. However, as this is my first year competing at anywhere near this level, getting there is in some respects more important than how well I do once I’m there. Just competing on such a stage is enough for me, regardless of how well I do. That said, I will of course be giving it all I’ve got and doing my best for Team GB so it will be an ‘A’ priority race and hopefully I’ll rise to the enormity of the occasion.

I’m quite looking forward to all of these races, although planning for, getting to and competing in Auckland is going to be a little stressful, let alone paying for it. I am on the look out for potential sponsors though so if you or anyone you know would like to help me achieve my dreams of competing for Team GB in the World Championships then get in touch. I’ll be happy to blog about, represent and promote anyone who can help and will do my best to make it worth their while whilst training and racing this year and into the future.

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