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Spring Moths

It’s been ages since we put the moth trap out. The last time was back in August last year. Terrible I know, but the weather hasn’t been kind and we’ve been busy so finding an evening where it wasn’t going to rain and when Morgan and I would hjave time to go through the trap...

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Moths and Fireworks

We put the moth trap out last night and then had a nice surprise as there were fireworks at the caravan park so we stood in the garden watching the fireworks whilst moths flew around the trap and bats swooped by to eat them. It was a lovely evening out there, if a little chilly now, although temperatures...

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Glamping in the Garden 1

Glamping in the Garden

We have visitors coming this weekend – Well, actually they are arriving Sunday night for a couple of days. It’s my Sister Trudi, her boyfriend Mike and he children Kia an Shaun. As we only live in a small(ish) bungalow we don’t have huge amounts of room for them, mainly because one of our bedrooms...

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Flame Carpet 0

Another New Moth Record

No, not a record in numbers, but just a new species for the garden, a lovely little Flame Carpet. Here’s the full list from last night – A nice manageable 45 moths from 18 different species. Enough to keep us busy, but not so many as top take all day to go through and identify...

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Brimstone 3

Moths Galore

Despite having to compete with an almost full moon, we were greeted with loads of moths in the trap this morning. Temperatures only dropped to 16.2ºC and winds were light. As well as loads of Caddis Flies and quite a few nice looking micro moths (that I didn’t record), I managed to record 143 moths...

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Fresh Strawberries from the Garden 2

The Moths of Summer

Day 6 of Summer is here and after collecting strawberries from the garden it was time to inspect the moth trap that I’d put out last night. It’s been a while since we did any moth-trapping but there was quite a haul. Conditions were perfect for the moths, temperatures only dropped to 14°C and winds...

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April Moths in Ceredigion

It still isn’t warm here but temperatures have at least made it into double figures for the past few days. It got to 12°C here yesterday and pretty much stayed that way all night as well with a minimum temperature of 10.1°C. Combined with misty, murky conditions, the relatively warm temperatures seemed ideal for moths so...

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